Steel pipes and tubes

Meever offers a wide range of steel pipes and tubes for foundation- and ground construction such as combi-walls and pipe piles. Tubes and pipes fabricated according to DIN, EN, ASTM and API standards.

Meever supplies spirally and longitudinally welded steel pipes from OD 219 (8”) up to OD 3566 (140”) with lengths up to 40.00 meters. From several stocks Meever can also supply declassified pipes directly to jobsites with short lead times. Meever holds tight connections with reputed pipe manufacturers, which guarantees optimal qualities, reliable supplies and competitive pricing.

Meever is also providing the service of coating and combiwall interlock welding, both with mill certificates and warranty. For further information or enquiries send an email to:

Buy back of steel pipes:
When required, Meever sells steel pipes with a guaranteed buy-back price. This attractive buy-back service reduces customers unnecessary inventory and working capital employed.

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